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I libri scritti su Cormac McCarthy

  1. Perspectives on Cormac McCarthy, Revised Edition a cura di Edwin T. Arnold e Dianne C. Luce, 1999
  2. A Cormac McCarthy Companion: The Border Trilogy a cura di Edwin T. Arnold e Dianne C. Luce, 2000
  3. Sacred Violence, a New Edition in Two Volumes, Volume I: Cormac McCarthy’s Appalachian Works a cura di Rick Wallach, 2002
  4. Sacred Violence, a New Edition in Two Volumes, Volume II: Cormac McCarthy’s Western Novels a cura di Wade Hall e Rick Wallach, 2002
  5. Cormac McCarthy’s West: The Border Trilogy Annotations di James Bell, 2002
  6. Cormac McCarthy’s All the Pretty Horses: A Reader’s Guide di Steven Tatum, 2002
  7. The Late Modernism of Cormac McCarthy di David Holloway, 2002
  8. The Pastoral Vision of Cormac McCarthy di Georg Guillemin, 2004
  9. No Place for Home: Spatial Constraint and Character Flight in the Novels of Cormac McCarthy di Jay Ellis, 2006
  10. Animals in the Fiction of Cormac McCarthy di Wallis R. Sanborn, 2006
  11. Cormac McCarthy and the Myth of American Exceptionalism di John Cant, 2007
  12. A Reader’s Guide to Blood Meridian, Revised Edition di Shane Schimpf, 2008
  13. Notes on Blood Meridian di John Sepich, 2008
  14. Understanding Cormac McCarthy di Steven Frye, 2009
  15. Reading the World: Cormac McCarthy’s Tennessee Period di Dianne C. Luce, 2009
  16. Pain is Always New: Reading Cormac McCarthy’s Westerns di Sabine Anders, 2009
  17. From Novel to Film: No Country for Old Men di Lynnea Chapman King, Rick Wallach e Jim Welsh, 2009
  18. Reading Cormac McCarthy di Willard P. Greenwood, 2009
  19. Cormac McCarthy di Harold Bloom, 2009
  20. Adventures in Reading Cormac McCarthy di Peter Josyph, 2010
  21. Cormac McCarthy: American Canticles (American Literature Readings in the 21st Century) di Kenneth Lincoln, 2010
  22. Cormac McCarthy: A Literary Companion di Erik Hage, 2010
  23. Understanding Cormac McCarthy (Understanding Contemporary American Literature) di Steven Frye, 2011
  24. No More Heroes: Narrative Perspective and Morality in Cormac Mccarthy di Lydia R. Cooper, 2011
  25. The Western Landscape in Cormac Mccarthy and Wallace Stegner: Myths of the Frontier di Megan Mcgilchrist, 2011